Octofoil Records (octofoil) wrote in tribaldance,
Octofoil Records

new Maduro album is now out!

Maduro's latest full-length album "Catching Bullets" is now out on iTunes global, Rhapsody, Amazon mp3 and other major download sites. Catching Bullets embodies the spirit of the great escape artists and magicians of the early 20th century. Catching Bullets utilizes period calliope carnivalesque progressions with dark distorted Roma accordions and violins to build a magic show, trick by famous trick, punctuated with dubstep, glitchy hip hop, breakbeats, and industrial progressions. Renowned UK electronic artist Keef Baker (n5md, Ad Noiseam, Hymen records) provides an amazing remix in this cacophony of chaos and trickery. Mastering by Eric Beam and original cover art provided by Psycho Sako Studios.
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