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Workshops with Ashley Lopez, Denver CO USA

Workshops with Ashley Lopez in Denver, CO!

Red Elephant Workshop Presents Belly Dance Workshops with California's own Ashley Lopez! Do not miss the opportunity to study with this multi-talented powerhouse out of San Jose, California! These workshops are designed for all levels and for all types and styles of belly dance!

Saturday, November 6, 2010
1:00-3:00 PM - Fast and Furious...Silky Snake
3:30-5:30 PM - Belly Dance Performance Practice

Red Elephant Workshop - 244 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO

$30 per workshop, or $50 for both before October 20, 2010
$35 after October 20 and at the door, if there is space (there will be no
package rate after pre-registration is over)
**Please note, there are no refunds on workshop registrations unless the
workshop is canceled**

How to register:
You can register with Molly (or Joanna) at all TribalTique Denver Classes and via mail and PayPal. All registration information is here:

Workshop Descriptions:
Fast and Furious...Silky Snake
Belly dance is characterized by sharp, isolated locks as well as those sultry, "snakelike" movements. It is therefore ideal for dancers to be able to showcase both of these modes of movement in a balanced and seamless manner.
In this workshop, you will practice quick, clean execution of isolated pops and locks throughout the body. You'll work up a sweat drilling these powerful movements, slowly then very quickly. Next we will break down those notorious fluid belly dance moves: belly rolls, body rolls, figure 8's and flowing arms.
You will learn about the musculature behind those difficult movements that are so delicious to watch. Ever notice the way some dancers make you weak in the knees with their belly rolls? You'll discover why, and how to work up to it!
During the last section of class, we will discuss using this dichotomy of sharp and fluid in a graceful way, so you can interchange them with ease. As time allows, we will go through a combo or two that illustrates what you just learned, and then we'll put it to music and talk about how and when to use these movements so you're interpreting the music intelligently and beautifully.
We will be warming up with Yoga & Pilates to strengthen and lengthen the muscles that are so important to our dance. This class is designed for the student who has a basic understanding of belly dance and is looking to deepen and strengthen their dancing. Some experience strongly suggested, although class will be taught with multi-level options.

Belly Dance Performance Practice:
How does a dancer create a mood for their piece? How can we change character to fit the music? How can costuming affect the performance? What is stage fright and how do I deal with it? How can one small person fill a huge stage? Putting together a performance can be a complex and overwhelming process. Every aspect deserves attention: from facial expression and characterization to picking the proper moves to fit the music and the color of the costume. In this workshop, we'll do acting exercises to awaken your inner diva, practice posture and facial expression, discuss dealing with nerves, and the how to's of picking
music, choreographing, and costuming.

About Ashley:
Ashley fell in love with belly dance while taking classes with Ishara Gamal at the University of Illinois. She immediately became obsessed with Tribal Style and proceeded to take classes and workshops as often as possible. She has studied with Mira Betz, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Sharon Kihara, Kami Liddle, Heather Stants, and Jill Parker. Her dance background also includes training in popular Latin dances, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Flamenco, Tahitian and Hula.

Ashley is a certified group fitness instructor and registered yoga teacher, and has been instructing classes since 2003. She began teaching basic belly dance classes in 2005. A year later she formed the Tribal Fusion troupe Trikhala in Champaign, Illinois. After relocating to the Bay Area, she joined SF Hula and then formed her professional troupe, Orchid Belly Dance. The Orchids now perform all over the Bay Area and beyond.

Currently, Ashley teaches in the Bay Area and performs for festivals,
nightclubs, restaurants, and private parties. She has also appeared as a guest soloist and belly dance choreographer for the Mona Sampath Dance Co. and has been interviewed by Illinois TV news channels WCIA and WILL. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance in opera from the University of Illlinois School of Music and has performed with Opera San José and BASOTI in San Francisco.

She likes to collect sparklies…lots and lots of sparklies…and puts them on top of one another with glue and string.

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