I'll radiate love like Three Mile Island (lady_wormtongue) wrote in tribaldance,
I'll radiate love like Three Mile Island

Beautiful outfit up for auction! Cheap!

Hi everyone, I'm selling a beautiful outfit which could make a great base for a belly dance look. There are pants and a top in this set. Here are the pants:

This is a gorgeous and unique outfit inspired by Indian styles. It would make a great base for a belly dancing costume! Both items are 100% rayon and made in India.

Halter Top: Size S/M but elastic ruching in the back makes it very stretchy and able to accommodate a larger bust. Beautiful embroidery with clear seed beeds on the front.

Pants: Size L/XL, elastic waistband. These voluminous pants also feature embroidery and beading. The fabric actually wraps loosely around your leg to create this flowing look. Ties at the waist can cinch it closed a little more if need be.

Items are sold as a lot, not separately. Don't be put off by the different sizes! I would approximate the whole outfit to fit like a women's size 8. If you have any questions or would like more photos or exact measurements, please contact me!

Store policies: shipping within USA only. Returns not accepted.

Item for sale on eBay here. Current bid is only $9.99!!! Thanks for looking!
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